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The Dataprise Cyber SIMPLE management profile is designed to reward your organization for investing in its information technology environment. Based on a big data analysis from over two decades of experience supporting thousands of organizations, we are confident SIMPLE helps deliver true alignment between your organization and Dataprise Cyber.

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What is SIMPLE?

SIMPLE represents the relationship between the number of managed users and the number of managed servers and devices to establish the complexity of your network environment. The more complex the environment, and further away from the optimal range, the more difficult the environment is to manage. An optimized environment is easier to manage and costs you less in the long run, which leads to a mutually-beneficial partnership.

How did Dataprise Cyber create SIMPLE?

SIMPLE was developed by analyzing big data from our over two decades of experience supporting thousands of organizations. Based on this analysis, we determined that more than 75% of our client base fell within the target range of a standard IT environment.

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What if we do not have a standard IT profile?

No problem. We will still extend our standard Dataprise Cyber services to your organization; however, there will be a nominal up-charge for those servers or devices that fall outside the SIMPLE range. Through strategic guidance, we will work with your organization though to help optimize your environment and lower your costs, if possible.

Will you help us improve our network infrastructure to be in the standard IT profile?

Absolutely. Our goal is to help you get to a SIMPLE environment, because it is in the best interest of both your organization and ours to do so. Plus, it does not have to be expensive. Often we can improve your network infrastructure, and get you within the SIMPLE ratio, by simply retiring old hardware, consolidating applications, and implementing the right cloud-based solutions.

Benefits of SIMPLE


Ensures true alignment between customer and provider; we win when you win
Utilizes organizational user management, not systems management
Focuses on reducing infrastructure complexity to save on management costs
Delivers unlimited access to provider resources