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Our security vulnerability assessments and network penetration testing provide the transparency your business needs to determine your current security baseline with key, actionable recommendations to harden your security posture.

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Security Gap Assessments

Our Security Gap Assessment provides your business with an in-depth look at your current security posture. As part of this enhanced security vulnerability assessment, Dataprise Cyber provides a customized strategic roadmap comprised of short and long-term milestones as well as a plan of action to achieve your business security goals.


Conducted by certified security specialists, this comprehensive security vulnerability assessment evaluates your environment based on 23 unique points of inspection across 5 holistic categories. Once complete, we provide you with a complete report that includes:

  • Initial baseline of your information security landscape tailored to your business requirements and objectives
  • Evaluation of core infrastructure’s susceptibility to external access or disruption
  • Comparison of how your environment stacks up with your industry's standards and best practices
  • Results of a personally identifiable information (PII) scan
  • Numerical security maturity scores
  • Prioritized recommendations and roadmap for success
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Other Information Security Assessments

To help provide you with enhanced transparency into your internal and external perimeters, we also offer the following assessments to facilitate your information security risk management:

Perimeter Edge Assessment

Conducted by a certified security specialist, this security vulnerability assessment scans your externally accessible systems and firewalls and results in a customized report that recommends key actions to further secure your network.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

Our Security Vulnerability Assessment services provide insights into the security of your network and enhanced transparency within internal and external perimeters, resulting in custom recommendations and a vulnerability remediation plan.

PII Assessment

Our PII Assessment scans all accessible endpoints (e.g., workstations, servers, mobile devices) for unencrypted Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data at-rest and in-transit. This report details findings and recommendations to provide a roadmap to achieve best practices for PII storage and usage.

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White, Gray, and Black Box Testing

Dataprise Cyber offers 3 types of Security Penetration Testing (white box, gray box, and black box) to assist your business in finding vulnerabilities. This information security risk assessment reveals how an attack could exploit your infrastructure to either gain control of your network or obtain sensitive information. After this security vulnerability assessment, we provide a comprehensive report detailing our results, along with insight on how to better secure your business against real-life attacks.

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IT Security Audits

Have specific compliance requirements to meet and need a third-party opinion? Our enhanced security vulnerability assessment services can help.


Our experts are well-versed in HIPAA, PCI, ISO, NIST and more and can help ensure you’re covered.

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